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(valid from May 1st, 2021)




  • Basically, the purchase of firearms that require a license is subject to the Weapons Act, equivalent weapon parts and silencers and the associated ammunition in Germany  a permit and the Weapons Act in its most current form and version.  

  • Your valid purchase documents must be submitted to us for the purchase of weapons and/or ammunition. These include Green WBK (for handguns and semi-automatic long guns - except for holders of a hunting license - with a valid previous entry from the weapons authority), yellow WBK , red WBK (collector WBK), valid hunting license , NWR IDs for the person and for the permit , a valid weapons trading license as well as in each In the case of a valid identity card (front and back) or passport . We assume no liability for the completeness and validity of the documents provided.




  • Note for our young hunters: Young hunters who do not yet have a WBK acquire their first long gun/silencer/ammunition with a hunting license. The green gun owner's license must be applied for and the long gun/silencer registered within 14 days.


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