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(valid from February 25, 2022)


Delivery of weapons:

The shipping of weapons with purchase authorization is included with us!  

You save around 30 to 35 euros compared to other providers!


Articles subject to purchase will be dispatched at the earliest after submission of the purchase authorization and receipt of payment.

Weapons that require a purchase license will only be delivered to you personally.

The handover will only take place upon presentation of a valid identity card or passport (identity check).

Shipping ammunition:

Depending on the amount of ammunition ordered, the shipment will be made as a dangerous goods shipment by parcel service, forwarding agency or via OVERNITE. Ammunition that requires a purchase license will only be delivered to you personally.


For this we charge a flat rate of 35 €.

Delivery is usually notified by telephone.

Therefore, please enter your telephone number when placing your order.

Separate shipping of weapons and ammunition:

Weapons and ammunition must be shipped separately. Since the shipping of weapons that are subject to purchase is free of charge from us, we only charge the flat rate of €35 for shipping the ammunition.


Weapons and ammunition that require a purchase license will only be delivered to you personally (valid ID/passport must be presented!). For possible telephone notifications, please provide us with a telephone number.


Standard Shipping:

Shipping within Germany is via Deutsche Post / DHL and is generally included with us!


1) Shipment of weapons:

We handle the shipment of weapons with purchase authorization via a partner company!

The price includes export processing and shipping.  

We offer export to the following countries:


  • Austria 120.00 euros

  • Benelux  150.00 euros  

    ( Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg)

  • France 160.00 euros

  • Denmark 185.00 euros

  • Italy 150.00 euros

  • Spain 185.00 euros

  • Czech Republic 140.00 euros

  • Bulgaria 180.00 euros

  • Hungary 140.00 euros

  • Poland 150.00 euros ​​

Each additional weapon costs 35.00 euros.

After paying the advance payment, your data will be passed on to the export company for further processing

to be able to carry out processing.

2) Shipping of ammunition:

Ammunition is not shipped abroad.


3) Standard Shipping (for non-eligible items):

all countries specified under point 1).  

up to 5 kg: 17.00 euros

up to 10 kg: 20.00 euros

up to 20 kg: 25.00 euros

up to 31.5 kg: 30.00 euros


The costs for shipping abroad do NOT appear in the online shop order, but are included in the advance payment that you receive from us  listed separately!

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